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Hiljaista Pohdintaa

maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

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Kommentoin professori Bruce Charltonin blogissa seuraavasti:

What is the relationship of men with God?

Say, if a man loves a woman, it can't be love alone. Love must be connected to and be supported by compassion (e.g. to facilitate helping the woman when she is in need of help), forgiveness (e.g. overlooking small mistakes the woman makes), patience (e.g. to listen serenely the long stories when the woman tells what is in her heart), ... etc., all the way to the outer rims where such things as hate and anger might sometimes be necessary to protect the woman. Love then must be an interconnected, fairly harmonious network of such things, where such things finds their proper outlets in the woman and his actions, and these are reciprocated by the woman, but not exactly symmetrically and identically, corresponding to the different tasks, qualities and roles of the man and the woman.

But God is so much higher being and in certain sense (not in all senses) so distant that our communication with Him becomes thin, asking and doing symbolic things. God can of course do what He wishes and His communication and/or influence towards us is as rich and powerful (which we are aware of or not) or non-existent as He wishes.

Could it then be that if we orient everything in earthly life in a Christian community/ congregation towards God and build a consummate Christian network of interconnected things, this then becomes from our perspective a powerful prayer and communication with God, which then gives power and substance to our symbolic gestures and prayers; symbolic gestures and prayers being a "phone connection" to God and Christian community/ congregation the substantive and powerful message relayed by the "phone connection"? It is meager to God, of course, but we would then do much more than humming, asking and waving our hands in the air, which is a good and necessary start, but not enough. Our whole being and almost everything we do would become a prayer, imperfect and lacking, perhaps, and sometimes we would make mistakes, but this is the best and the most meaningful thing we can offer to God.


And it must be said, that if man's love for the woman is love alone and unconnected to other things, it would not take long before the love would turn to hate and anger towards the woman because of all kinds of stresses in the relationship, much like the unconnected and unsupported simple principles of secular ideologies, like communism and liberalism.


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