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Kuka on moderni ihminen?

Kommentoin alla linkitettyä Hoyt Thorpen artikkelia Thermidor -lehdessä seuraavasti: "Hoyt, educating and structurally well made article. So what is modern and pre-modern? Is a person modern if he has laptop, tablet and smartphone, and can use them? Is a person modern if he lives like a caveman, but has liberal manners and talks exactly like vanguard liberals? Is a person modern according to how much he produces modernity and modern things (e.g. Trump's firm produces modernity and modern things in plenty)? When liberals define who is modern and who is not, could they have any self-serving and distorting biases in their definitions? If we unwind the underlying and unsaid liberal definitions of modern person ... a) Modern person is domesticated and meek. He is not any kind of threat to liberal elite, other persons or other groups, or their interests. b) Modern person is fully usable and obedient human resource. He has no ethnic, religious, cultural, familial, lingui