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torstai 28. joulukuuta 2017

Kuka on moderni ihminen?

Kommentoin alla linkitettyä Hoyt Thorpen artikkelia Thermidor -lehdessä seuraavasti:

"Hoyt, educating and structurally well made article.
So what is modern and pre-modern? Is a person modern if he has laptop, tablet and smartphone, and can use them? Is a person modern if he lives like a caveman, but has liberal manners and talks exactly like vanguard liberals? Is a person modern according to how much he produces modernity and modern things (e.g. Trump's firm produces modernity and modern things in plenty)? When liberals define who is modern and who is not, could they have any self-serving and distorting biases in their definitions?
If we unwind the underlying and unsaid liberal definitions of modern person ...
a) Modern person is domesticated and meek. He is not any kind of threat to liberal elite, other persons or other groups, or their interests.
b) Modern person is fully usable and obedient human resource. He has no ethnic, religious, cultural, familial, linguistic, etc. ties, which could complicate recruitment and functions of large complex organizations. He can be moved or move himself wherever. He thinks his home is anywhere where he has a room and disposable IKEA furniture. He can intergrate himself fully to any organization or group he is assigned to and cooperates with anyone without reservations and conditions. He obeys the incentives, rules, orders, punishments, recognitions and prizes which are given to him by organizations. Modern man conforms. Modern man is universal play-dough waiting to be shaped.
c) Modern man is calculable and predictable, so that his thoughts, emotions, actions and aspirations can be predicted as part of masses with statistics, and to varying extent individually. His non-existent ethnic, religious, cultural, familial, etc. ties dont hamper, perplex or prevent this process. Modern man is analyzed, so that he can be efficiently manipulated and controlled. The more a modern man is dysfunctional in the eyes of liberal elite, the more must be known about him individually; psychological problems, health problems, wrong political opinions, criminality, unemployment, drug use, terrorism, etc. So good and functional liberal is mostly undifferentiated part of masses in statistics, but dysfunctional and bad citizen is fully analyzed and individuated.
d) Modern man follows liberal speech codes and liberal thought patterns, which are given to him from above in the hierarchy. Ideally he is so trained and constricted by words and pre-given thoughts that he cant think in the wrong way. E.g. positive discrimination might discriminate against modern man, but because it is positive discrimination, it is harder to think and feel it as a negative discrimination. It could and should arouse positive thoughts and feelings, i.e. the word choice at the same time persuades and demands these.
e) In sum, modern man is bland exchangeable unit in the system. This is unpalatable. Because of this and because modern man needs ideals toward which to aspire, system must produce mental images of ideal persons in an ideal system. These must be higher in the hierarchy than the average mass man. There are two possible universal ideals of the liberal system, which could in theory fulfill the task, intellectuals and those who govern the system.
Ideals must have at least the following qualities; higher in the hierarchy; morally and socially good; skillful, knowledgeable and wise; leader, trailblazer, powerful and/or winner; etc.
Those who govern often break, bend or circumvent the rules of the system, and get away with it because of their position. They make rules which favor themselves. They engage in corruption. Often their rapaciousness shows, although they try to hide. They impose one rigid morality on the masses, and give another plastic morality to themselves. Their public speeches and pronouncements, and actions and behavior are often contradictory. Etc. Because of this the governing elites think the present publicity is already too much, they dont want any in addition, especially such which constantly places metaphorical measurement sticks by their sides. Ideally governing elites would like to be almost invisible, excluding events in which they are celebrated and appreciated. Because of this people rarely know e.g. who are the leaders of the biggest international banks.
So intellectuals must be the ideals, and they are ideal for this job. People feel that they are somehow at the top of the system, although they are not. Intellectuals moral goodness is measured by their texts and to some extent their speeches, not their private lives and actions, personalities and characters, and negative collective externalities of their work. Intellectuals can always produce morally immaculate and perfect texts and speeches. Because intellectuals love the humanity, people notice much less that they hate many individuals and groups.
Intellectuals are pseudo-heroic. They venture to forbidden and unknown areas of society and reality, and when they encounter forbidden truths, they heroically vanquish these dragons by recycling them safely to the permissible areas of liberal society. There morally healing soup is made out of the dead dragons. Thus they may observe that blacks are less intelligent than whites, but they conclude that this is because of structucal discrimination and disadvantages in childhood, teen years and adult life. Then they suggest how these discriminations and disadvantages can be reduced or even eliminated. These intellectual procedures make all the people in the world symbolically equal, and if after this anyone refuses to hold hands in a circle which circles the globe or says the vanquished forbidden truths, then he is a morally bad person for the liberals. Lots of time, energy and resources have been consumed to symbolic intellectual work, so liberals feel that if somebody transgresses against the symbolic results, he is destroying something precious, important and delicate. Intellectuals are not held accountable for their work, because intellectuals symbolic heroic functions are more important than their concrete results. Thus the black - white intelligence gap has remained the same in the most g-loaded tasks despite a century of intellectuals best efforts. Because the variations in the black - white intelligence gap is explained in adulthood 75-80% by genes, intellectuals heve long lasting and abundant work ahead in this area.
So the thinking man is not left a choice; he must refuse to be modern lifeless and emasculated man in the way liberals define it. Trump may sometimes curse and uses construction worker language, but he is as modern phenomenom as intellectuals, and he has produced more modernity than 1000 average intellectuals combined. Liberals want to govern intelligent life, and the hallmark of intelligent life is that it will do its own things; grows, fluorish and wilts in cycles; is often incompatible with other intelligent life; becomes dysfunctional, aggressive or inactive if it is forced too much; needs lot of room and freedom to grow and flourish; etc. Some structure is good, but only if it is in symbiosis and constructive interplay with life in its richness.
The last time life was forced too much to a rigid mold, 100 million people died. Have liberals learned anything?"


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